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A true gym experience and results in an ultracompact form.

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Founder’s Promise

Founder’s Promise

The stimulus of coming up with an ultraportable gym alternative came from a simple calculaton; I could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on gym fees, as well as 10 days of sitting in traffic commuting to and from the gym, in just one year! On top of that, I could excercise outdoors and on my travels.

But as a health and fitness fanatic, I was adamant that the solution should equal a true gym experience, and not come at the expense of sacrificing results. It had to look and feel professional, truly gym-like, and most importantly, deliver the same results.

After we got the first prototypes made, I have done all my strength and hypertrophy workouts on the GymBars.

During this 1.5 years, I have not only been able to maintain, but considerably improve my form. This is why I can confidently promise that you won’t be dissapointed with the Robus system, no matter your fitness level.

Mikk-Alvar Olle, Founder

Feedback by experts

Peep Reinart

Elite trainer, 3rd EC (2015)

I can confirm - Robus can successfully replace the gym for 90% of the people; from beginners to competitive athletes.

Helena Mang


Excellent quality workouts from a super small form factor. It’s a keeper for me!

Kaspar Tõnisson

IFBB Mens Physique competitor

I train twice a day. With Robus, I now do my second workout at home, and save a ton of time without sacrificing my results.

Carina Männik


I travel a lot for work and Robus has become a staple in my suitcase; it is such an improvement over hotel gyms.


Choose your GymBars

A true gym experience and results in an ultracompact form